My research focuses in the areas of labor & organizational economics, the digital economy & cybersecurity, and household finance with a driving commitment to understanding how individuals and firms respond to large-scale change, particularly social and technological. In particular, how do individuals, as well as firms, learn and adapt amid change? How do incentives affect the returns to human capital formation, and how do these decisions in turn shape long-run outcomes? What role, and in what circumstances, does public policy play in either advancing or stifling these goals? These are a cross-section of the research questions at the top of my mind. Here is my SSRN page with research papers.

I also actively work with organizations, both government and non-government, on overlapping areas of research interest and on organizational decision-making that require the integration of data and strategy. My prior work experience includes serving on the White House Council of Economic Advisers, focusing on cybersecurity, technology, and space activities, together with management consulting and entrepreneurship. I also serve as an adviser to several startups and frequently write in the popular press, including on my Forbes column that focuses in behavioral economics (see here).